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Australia Rheinmetall $500 million Contract for Military Trucks

Australia Rheinmetall

Australia has signed a contract with Rheinmetall to produce military trucks worth €430 million (U.S. $500 million) for the country’s soldiers, the company announced Thursday.

The deal for 1,000 logistics trucks happens the surface of a previous order for two main,500 such vehicles, worth €1.2 billion. Deliveries for the new order will start next year and last until 2024, the German company said.

The latest batch of vehicles comes from the Australian LAND 121 Phase 5B program, that’s an extension cord from the larger 3B segment.

“This follow-up order is of great strategic significance to us, providing a great reference for other important international projects,” Rheinmetall CEO Armin Papperger was quoted as saying in the corporation statement.

“It reflects Australia’s satisfaction with the performance and the quality individuals vehicles,” he added.

“Rheinmetall’s latest success within the Asia-Pacific region proves our goods are in the leading edge of technology, knowning that the client see in us an established and reliable partner, fully able to performing sophisticated large-scale projects.”

The Düsseldorf, Germany-based company currently is Australia’s largest supplier of military vehicles, according towards the website from the state of Queensland. Rheinmetall is establishing a “military vehicle center of excellence” outside Brisbane, the state’s capital.

That location is slated becoming a hub for the Australian military’s LAND 400 program, that Rheinmetall was formally tapped a few weeks ago to construct Boxer wheeled armored reconnaissance vehicles worth €2.1 billion. The award was announced through the Australian government in March.

There may be yet more business for Rheinmetall in Australia. The next phase in the multibillion-dollar LAND 400 program, which addresses a necessity for brand new infantry fighting vehicles, began using the discharge of a tender in late August. Rheinmetall is anticipated that will put forward its Lynx vehicle.
Companies have through March 1, 2019, to submit bids.

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