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French Joint Chief Identifies Need for Coordinated Force

Troops take part in the joint multinational military exercise “Noble Partner 2018” at Vaziani training centre, outside Tbilisi, on August 1, 2018. More than 3,000 troops from 13 countries, which include the United States, France, Germany, UK, and Turkey, took part in the two-week drills. 

Nations in Europe should forge an even more coordinated force across the continent, with each ready to boost to try out a leadership role during conflict, said the French joint chief of staff.

“The way ahead for the defense of nations for the continent is not considered beyond your European framework,” Army Gen. François Lecointre told the Summer Defense University, a two-day gathering of senior officers, parliamentarians and industry chiefs.

“In the context of doubt over multilateral, greater fragility of alliances and America’s refocus of care about the Indo-Pacific region, the European continent must confront, increasingly on its own, all sorts of threats: might, terrorism, hybrid, cyber and migration,” he explained.

That standby time with the term “might” referred to unspecified nations perceived to pose a threat to Western allies.

That demands a standard vision in strategy and capability, which has a country willing to make role of an “leader nation,” he said. The aim is to make a “European strategic autonomy,” he added.

The French armed forces minister, Florence Parly, stumbled on the army base, just outside Versailles, west with the capital, and watched a lively display staged through the Army. The service fielded a Jaguar combat and reconnaissance vehicle, a VBCI infantry fighting vehicle carrying a squad of troops, a robotic vehicle carrying a wounded soldier, plus a Leclerc main battle tank carried by the tank transport.

France invites foreign officers and political leaders towards the high-level annual gathering, organized by CEIS, a think tank and consultancy.

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