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ISIS Claims Baghdad Bombing that Killed 28 People

ISIS Claims Baghdad Bombing

Two bomb blasts targeting a market in central Baghdad Saturday killed at least 28 people and wounded at least 54, according to police and medical officials.

The Islamic State group later claimed responsibility for the attacks in a statement posted by Aamaq news agency, confirming that the blasts came from two suicide bombers.

The attacks took place early Saturday morning in al-Sinak, a busy market selling car accessories, food and clothes as well as agricultural seeds and machinery.

Details were sketchy in the immediate aftermath. Police at first said a pair of back-to-back roadside bombs exploded. Later a police official said that a roadside bomb exploded first, then a suicide bomber detonated his device among the crowd that had gathered.

Finally, police concluded that the carnage was the work of a pair of suicide bombers.

All officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to release the information.

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