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James Clapper Resigns As US Director of National Intelligence

James Clapper has long said he planned to retire at the end of the Obama administration, and he told the House Intelligence Committee on Thursday that he submitted his letter of resignation on Wednesday evening.

Committee members jokingly asked him to stay on for perhaps four more years. Clapper said his wife probably would have a problem with that.

Clapper has held his position since August 2010. He was previously a lieutenant general in the Air Force and director of the Defense Intelligence Agency.

Clapper also told the committee Russia curtailed its election-related cyber activity after the Obama administration accused Moscow of trying to interfere with the presidential election. He said Russia’s information warfare is still likely to continue.

Hacked emails from Democratic Party officials were released by Wikileaks during the presidential campaign, revealing details embarrassing to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. The intelligence director and the Department of Homeland Security said in October that based on the “scope and sensitivity” of the hacking efforts, only Russia’s “senior-most officials” could have authorized the hacking. Russia has denied involvement.

Clapper told the House intelligence committee on Thursday that Russia will probably continue to conduct information warfare. Clapper said the intelligence community has less insight into how Wikileaks obtained the emails.


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