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Keeping America Safe: The Fight Against Radical Islam

Keeping America Safe

A semi-truck plows through a Christmas market in Berlin, Germany, killing 12 and injuring 48. The Russian ambassador to Turkey is assassinated in Ankara by an off-duty Turkish police officer. German police are in a desperate manhunt for a Tunisian man as the likely perpetrator of the Christmas market attack.

President-elect Trump is met Wednesday with his incoming National Security Advisor to discuss counter terrorism after the events in Germany and Turkey.

Make no mistake. What we are seeing in Europe is the hard lesson of what happens when you put out the “welcome mat” to hundreds of thousands of refugees from known terrorist hotspots.

The Tunisian suspect had applied for asylum in Germany last year and received a temporary stay permit and reportedly has extensive ties to radical Islam.

We are also seeing the hard lesson of what happens as a result of the Western world devoting fewer and fewer resources to national security and less emphasis on protecting its citizens.

We should not be surprised by recent events. ISIS and Al Qaeda have both called on their followers to use trucks in particular to attack crowds.

ISIS now claims that it inspired the German market attack. Likewise, ISIS claimed responsibility for the July 14th Bastille Day attack in Nice, France, where a truck, driven by a Tunisian man, plowed into a crowd killing 86 people.

President-elect Trump was criticized during the campaign for calling for a 21st Century NATO, but he has been absolutely right.

Only 5 of the 28 members of NATO spend at least 2 percent of their GDP on national security as required by NATO guidelines.

Germany, one of the richest countries in Europe, is not even close to being one of the five.

We’ve got to be tough on the rest of NATO. There’s also a lot more we can be doing with newer NATO members like Estonia and Hungary. For example, Estonia is home to NATO’s Cooperative Cyber Defense Centre of Excellence. The Estonians have a real understanding of some of the most disruptive cyber technologies available and we should work more closely with them.

President-elect Trump will step into the Oval office as Europe and other parts of the world are struggling with a terrorism crisis. It reminds us that radical Islam is now on American soil and much needs to be done to keep Americans safe here at home.

President-elect Trump has promised big changes to our terrorism strategy, but what exactly can he do in the near term?

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Arms Industries at 7:44 pm

As the assassination of the Russian Ambassador in Turkey reminds us, Turkey is not a stable regime. Remember the failed coup attempt this past summer? Following the coup attempt, President Erdogan’s government cut power to the Incrilik Air Base and halted all movements onto and off the base. Erdogan’s autocratic regime also temporarily prohibited all U.S. Air Force planes stationed there from taking off or landing. Our nuclear weapons should be pre-positioned off of American soil only in those countries that are strong, reliable and stable allies. It’s time to get our nuclear weapons out of Turkey.

Tap It Systems at 8:03 pm

We should be mandating the use of open-source intelligence (OSINT) by our intelligence agencies, such as the CIA and NSA. There are more sophisticated search engines that we’re not using. As the Internet grows and big data increases, it is essential that we take full advantage of all OSINT through more sophisticated search engines.

Fire Powers at 8:32 pm

As President Trump prepares to take office, his most important responsibility will be to keep Americans safe. It’s time for bold, decisive American leadership once again.

WeaponBlog Team at 9:05 pm

Thank you for your feedback! You all bring up good points. We should also address our attention on transforming NATO from fighting the Cold War to fighting terrorism. Hopefully as Trump build-up our Navy, we will have a greater presence in the Mediterranean Sea, and our NATO allies have got to be more involved.

Tap It Systems at 9:27 pm

America’s policies have only proven to leave us open to further attacks. It will only get worse before it gets better if we don’t defend what our country was built on, and not allow these radical Islamic groups to continue to undermine our fundamental value of free speech and endanger our national security.

US Arms Dealer at 9:51 pm

If I may chime in here, our countries security, and its protected value of free speech, have been threatened by the bullying campaigns of radical Islamic groups, masquerading as “civil rights” organizations, to remove any reference to the Islamist motivation behind Islamic terrorist attacks. These groups have pressured or otherwise colluded with the news media, museums, book publishers, law enforcement and the Obama Administration to cut the words “Islamist”, “Islamic terrorism”, “radical Islam” and “jihad” in discussing or referencing the threat and danger of Islamic terrorism.
The chill on free speech takes an even more dangerous turn when those officials charged with keeping America safe are prohibited from investigating the religious justifications for terrorist attacks. Dreadfully, the FBI has surrendered to pressure from these Islamist groups in removing and destroying thousands of books, pamphlets, papers and media presentations that were deemed to be “offensive to Islam.”
Here are the main radical Islamic groups that have led the campaign of suppression: The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), the Muslim American Society (MAS), Muslim Advocates, and the Muslim Students Association (MSA).


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