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London Bridge Attack: Weapons of Terror

London Bridge Attack

The police in London have released images of the weapons employed by three men who unleashed a terrorist attack on London Bridge and near Borough Market on the night of June 3 in the heart with the English capital:

Pink 12-inch ceramic knives and fake suicide bomb vests to inspire “maximum fear,” along with the rented van they accustomed to mow down people for the bridge.

Eight individuals were killed and many others wounded inside third terrorist assault to strike the London area and Manchester inside of 3 months.

The attack unfolded around 10 p.m. local time, police officers said, if the men first developed a dry run to the bridge, turned around then plowed the white rented van into crowds of pedestrians.

After crashing the van right into a railing, the attackers emerged with all the chef knives and headed toward Borough Market, where they began slashing and stabbing people that were out to get a evening of revelry at the bars and restaurants.

The men, later recognized as Khuram Shazad Butt, 27, a Pakistani-born British citizen; Rachid Redouane, 30, a Moroccan denied asylum in Britain during 2009; and Youssef Zaghba, 22, an Italian of Moroccan descent, were shot and killed by the authorities in the hail of bullets.

The attack lasted all eight minutes.

The knives were branded with all the word “Ernesto,” the authorities said. At least one attacker hung his knife around his wrist by attaching a leather strap on the knife handle.

The men also wore fake explosives to instill fear in those they approached that night, the police said.

The belts remained as strapped on the attackers’ bodies whenever they were shot. Photographs of the blood-splattered belts, made out of plastic water bottles engrossed in duct tape, were among the images released.

<p”>Cmdr. Dean Haydon of the Metropolitan Police, who is leading the investigation, said in a statement: “I have never seen this plan within the U.K. before where terrorists create maximum fear by strapping fake explosives to themselves.

“Anyone who saw them for the night would’ve thought they were genuine. It is difficult to speculate just what the motive was for wearing the belts. It could be that they’d plans to go ahead and take attack into a siege situation, or it could be which they discovered it as protection from being shot themselves.”

He added: “It makes the bravery of these police officers and members in the public who tackled the terrorists much more remarkable.

“The belt might have been visible for them, and if you’re fighting back or aiming a trial at someone wearing the product, you’d probably clearly be very conscious you will be caught in a explosion.”

The authorities said the attackers could have been planning even worse carnage. Mr. Butt attemptedto rent a 7.5-ton box truck, police officers said, but his payment was declined anf the husband rented smaller van instead.

In the van, officers recovered:

  • Thirteen wine bottles with rags wrapped around them. They were believed to be filled with a flammable liquid.
  • Two blow torches.
  • Office chairs and a suitcase, which the police said, the attackers may have used as a cover story, telling family they were using the van to move them.
  • Gravel bags used either to weigh down the vehicle or as a cover.

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