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US Army Expanding Presence in Germany

The permanent stationing of American troops in Germany is a “display of our continued commitment to NATO and our collective resolve to support European security,” according to a statement issued by U.S. Army Europe, based in Wiesbaden.

The U.S. Army is expanding its presence in Germany with the addition of 1,500 forces to get permanently stationed in the country.

The additional troops are a “display of our continued commitment to NATO and our collective resolve to aid European security,” in accordance with a statement issued Friday by U.S. Army Europe, located in Wiesbaden. The new forces will be together with the roughly 33,000 American forces already stationed in Germany.

Officials thought we would activate new units in Germany, as opposed to relocating existing ones across the Atlantic, to generate the envisioned increase in combat power, in accordance with the command. The new units incorporate a field artillery brigade headquarters, two multiple-launch rocket system battalions, and a short-range air defense battalion.

Completion with the plus-up is expected by September 2020.

The moves reflect an agenda through the Army to “reconstitute roughly the same as division-level combat power,” Col. Terry Anderson, who was the U.S. defense attache in Berlin until last month. The artillery and air defense forces would round out a real force package along with units already stationed in the united kingdom, he added.

The new troop commitment comes only months as soon as the Trump administration was told look at a reassessment with the U.S. footprint in Germany, as reported by The Washington Post in late June.

Officials in Berlin seemed unfazed from the report back then, privately proclaiming that plans were already underway while using Pentagon toward a real boost in troop numbers.

Richard Grenell, the U.S. ambassador to Germany, issued a statement on Friday thanking “the people of Germany to the incredible spirit and partnership in welcoming every one of the American males and females lucky enough” being stationed in Germany.

“Americans are focused on strengthening the transatlantic alliance and President Donald Trump’s promise to increase U.S. defense capabilities means the alliance is stronger today,” Grenell wrote.

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